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Rapid Release Technology

What is Rapid Release Technology?

Rapid Release Technology is a myofascial release tool that utilizes targeted high-frequency vibration to help alleviate muscular tension, trigger points, and pain for a wide variety of conditions. Rapid Release offers a comfortable solution for complex myofascial restrictions.


The Science of Resonance

The Rapid Release uses resonant frequencies, specifically targeted at scar tissue and adhesion type tissue. This is the same principle as the opera singer who hits the exact resonance note to shatter a crystal glass across the room, except in this case, the target is scar tissue. These adhesions typically free up with a few 2 to 5-minute treatments, which can result in an immediate positive effect on pain and range of motion.


Neurological Effects

The frequency of the RRT treatment also triggers the tonic vibration reflex (TVR) which instantly relieves cramping, spasms, and guarding. This is extremely helpful in easing spasms due to back conditions, stiff necks, or persistent leg cramps.


Additional Effects

Vibration has been shown to increase the hyaluronic acid pressure in the fascia, creating space between the fibers, easing movement. That means the fascia, muscles, and ligaments can ride over each other and move more smoothly with being stuck together.

Muscle fibers require ATP ( the cell’s energy source) to contract and oxygen to release. It is biochemically IMPOSSIBLE for the muscle fibers to unlock without oxygen.

Without ample oxygen, a certain percentage of your muscle cells never unlock after you use them. Tight muscles restrict blood flow making them starve for oxygen. This makes them tight or can trigger a spasm (you see this during a workout). RRT reverses this condition by increasing circulation, removing adhesions that prevent proper movement, therefore relaxing muscles.

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